Tourist Attractions near Solan :

shoolini_templeJawahar Park: A serene cool place, Jawahar Park is situated on the summit of a hill which offers a panoramic view of this city. Besides the grassy lawns and fountains the park also houses a mini zoo ,a host to Cheetal deer ,monkeys and wild cat . A baby train apart, the park is also known for its swings and sea-saws.

Children Park: As the name sounds, the elephant and horse statues,swings and sea -saws attract a number of children with adults. This park is also a venue for small events.

Mohan Park: Constructed by the house of Mohan Meakins , this park houses finest specimen of sculpture by a well known sculptor Mr Bagga. A sensual damsel, Lord Shiva’s statue besides the etchings of various animals attract the tourists.

Karol Cave: Situated at an altitude of 7000 ft, this cave is regarded as the oldest cave in the Himalayas. The legend has it that the Pandavas of Mahabharat spent some years of  their exile here. One of the ends of this cave is believed to be at Pinjore Garden. The cave is situated at Mt. Karol which can be climbed on foot .(5 km)

Shoolini Temple:  Dedicated to goddess Shoolini, this temple is situated at a stone’s throw from the main city . A fair is also organised in the name of this goddess during June every year .

Shilli Sanctuary: This sanctuary houses wild fowls , apes and other animals including .It can be reached on foot or by hiring a taxi .(5 km).

Anees Villa : This villa, close to Shoolini temple belongs to the noted author Salman Rushdie who fought a long battle to get back this property from the state government. Locals believe the writer one day will come back to live here .

Happy Valley: An ideal picnic spot this valley is also known for a cave .(5 km)

Solan Brewery: World’s oldest brewery, this prestigious brewery is known for its quality beer and mineral water production .The Golden-Eagle beer manufactured here is famous throughout the world.

Deothal : Close to the Monastey this place is a good angling spot.

Makroa Gold Mines : These gold-ore mines, close to Deothal can be reached on foot along the banks of Kawal river.

Horticulture & Forestry University: Asia’s first, this university is engaged in research,teaching and extension activities .(15 km)

Yashwant Nagar: An angling spot, this place is at a distance of 20 kilometres from Solan .

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