surinder_verma_2Surinder Verma: A Multi Faceted Personality

The promoter and owner of  Hotel Paragon Palace is Mr Surinder Verma who is basically a builder . He is a graduate and has over four decades of construction industry experience as a builder and a government contractor. His father Mr O P Verma is also a builder and a government contractor.

The owner belongs to Solan town and have always loved the town named after a local goddess Maa Shoolini. The concept of owning and building a hotel had in the mind of Vermas much before it was actually constructed in the year 2002. The idea was to offer hotel , restaurant and banquet facilities to the people of the fastest growing town of north India at a most convenient place and that too at an affordable price.

These experiences have inspired him to create his dream hotel project , which is designed around entertaining and relaxing, while maximising the breathtaking vistas and sunshine. The promoter has given considerable attention to ensure that, whilst the hotel is luxurious, it retained a warm and peaceful ambience where guests could relax and instantly feel at ease.

Surinder Verma has a passion for travelling and has visited a number of Indian towns during his four decades of career. He is also a collector and a an art lover. His passion for the art and architecture from the gauged from the decoration and furnishing of the hotel alone. The way he has decorated and furnished his property is rare to be found in the periphery and is indeed a cut above the rest.
Hotel Paragon Palace in a short span of time has earned a big name in the industry and is one of the most sought after hotels in the state. The owner plans to set up similar properties in Shimla and other major towns of the state.